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Powder Ombre Brows

2 Sessions, 6 Weeks Apart. Maintenance Once Every 1-3 Years.

What To Expect

Achieve Effortless Elegance with Powder Ombre Brows at Skin Glory Medspa At Skin Glory Medspa, we understand the power of beautifully defined eyebrows in enhancing your natural beauty. Our Powder Ombre Brows (also known as powder brow tattoo or shaded brows) is a semi-permanent make-up cosmetic procedure, in which the artist uses a tattoo machine designed for PMU to insert the pigment into the top layers of the skin using the dotting technique, or pixelization. This service is designed to give you the perfect, long-lasting eyebrow look that's both stunning and low-maintenance. ✓ Effortless Perfection: As an experienced aesthetician, Kayley uses a specialized technique to create a soft, powder-filled appearance for your brows. This method ensures a natural yet polished look, suitable for any occasion. ✓ Customized Results: We believe that one size doesn't fit all. We will work closely with you to determine the ideal shape, color, and intensity of your ombre brows, ensuring they complement your unique facial features. ✓ Long-Lasting Beauty: Unlike traditional eyebrow makeup, Powder Ombre Brows are semi-permanent and can last for up to two years. Say goodbye to daily brow routines and hello to consistently fabulous brows! ✓ Painless Experience: We prioritize your comfort. The procedure is virtually painless, and we offer numbing options for those with sensitivity. ✓ Minimal Downtime: You'll be able to resume your daily activities shortly after the procedure, with minimal recovery time required. Discover the elegance of Powder Ombre Brows at Skin Glory Medspa. Elevate your beauty effortlessly and enjoy brows that stand the test of time. Book your appointment with us today to experience the difference! TREATMENT OPTIONS AVAILABLE AT BOOKING: Touch-Up: $250 First Visit Full Brows: $500

  • 2 hr

Reach Us

‪(303) 335-0255‬

Skin Glory Medspa, South Dayton Street, Greenwood Village, CO, USA


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First Visit: **Excludes Permanent Makeup and Injectables

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