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Kayley Slayton

Kayley Slayton, the guiding force at Skin Glory Med Spa, boasts an impressive 12+ years of experience as a Master Aesthetician. She has honed her skills working alongside various medical directors and renowned Medspas in the Denver metropolitan area. Kayley holds certifications as a Laser Specialist and PMU artist, demonstrating expertise in a diverse range of services and products. Her unwavering commitment to skin health ensures that every individual is heard, valued, and enhanced in their beauty. Additionally, she maintains competitive pricing, catering to clients with varying budgets while staying abreast of industry trends and utilizing cutting-edge machines for superior treatment outcomes.


Skin Glory is a haven where you'll experience a warm, honoring, and revitalizing atmosphere. Our mission at Skin Glory is to rekindle the inherent radiance within every individual through a range of skincare treatments within a nurturing environment, enabling each person to shine more brilliantly in the world.

  • Honesty

  • Integrity

  • Responsibility 

  • Perseverance

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