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Marble Surface


Come in every 4 weeks for this treatment.

What To Expect

Indulge in the ultimate skin rejuvenation experience with our newest treatment, Glo2Facial at Skin Glory Medspa. Our expertly crafted Glo2Facial service is designed to transform your skin, leaving it radiant, refreshed, and glowing. ✓ Rejuvenate Your Skin: Our Glo2Facial treatment is specifically curated to revitalize and rejuvenate your skin, targeting dullness, fine lines, and imperfections. ✓ Oxygen Infusion: Experience the power of oxygen as it is infused into your skin, promoting improved circulation and a youthful, luminous complexion. ✓ Customized to Your Needs: Our skilled estheticians personalize each Glo2Facial session to address your unique skin concerns, ensuring optimal results. ✓ Immediate Results: Walk out of Skin Glory Medspa with instantly visible results - smoother, firmer, and more radiant skin. ✓ Non-Invasive: Enjoy the benefits of a facial without any downtime or discomfort. Our Glo2Facial is a non-invasive, gentle treatment suitable for all skin types. ✓ Relaxing Experience: Unwind and pamper yourself in a serene and luxurious environment while our professionals work their magic on your skin. ✓ Boosted Collagen Production: Glo2Facial stimulates collagen production, helping your skin maintain its youthful elasticity. ✓ Complement Your Skincare Routine: Incorporate Glo2Facial into your regular skincare regimen for long-lasting benefits and a radiant complexion. STEP1️⃣: Glo2Facial OxyPods react with Primer Gel to gently exfoliate the skin and create a bubbly, CO2-rich environment on the skin’s surface. The body responds by sending a surge of oxygen to the skin, which creates ideal conditions to nourish and transform the skin from the inside out. STEP2️⃣: Lite Ultrasound experience creates micro vibrations that instantly smooth the skin and increase the permeability of the skin’s protective layer, enabling better nutrient absorption. STEP3️⃣: A relaxing hands-free lymphatic massage sculpts the face, delivering instant reduction of redness and puffiness while infusing active ingredients even deeper into the skin. At Skin Glory Medspa, we are committed to helping you achieve your skin's full potential. Book your Glo2Facial appointment today and discover the true glory of radiant skin. TREATMENT OPTIONS AVAILABLE AT BOOKING: Face and Neck: $250 Face, Neck and Décolleté: $350

  • 1 h 30 min

Reach Us

  • 6595 S Dayton St, Greenwood Village, CO 80111, USA


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First Visit: **Excludes Permanent Makeup and Injectables

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