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New Client Welcome AtHome Bag [SGMS Merch] Elevate Your Skincare Experience > Welcome to Skin Glory Medspa with our exclusive New Client Welcome AtHome Bag. This specially curated bag is filled with SGMS Merch to enhance your skincare journey, including a ziptop bag, a luxurious towel, a comfortable headband, various marketing items, and small samples for you to explore. Ziptop bag for convenient storage and travel Luxurious towel with the Skin Glory Medspa logo for added comfort Comfortable headband to elevate your athome skincare routine Includes various marketing items and small samples for an exclusive experience Features / Includes: Bag: Ziptop for convenience Towel: Luxurious with Skin Glory Medspa logo Headband: Comfortable for athome skincare Extras: Various marketing items and small samples for an exclusive at home trial experience of Skin Glory's top partner brands

New Client Welcome At-Home Bag [SGMS Merch]

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