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Mystro Active Balance Serum by SkinBetter Science Restore Harmony to Your Skin > Achieve skin balance and harmony with Mystro Active Balance Serum by SkinBetter Science. This advanced serum is meticulously crafted to address various skin concerns, promoting a more eventoned, revitalized complexion. Targets multiple skin concerns for comprehensive care Restores balance and harmony to the skin Lightweight and easily absorbed for daily use Ingredients: Patented technology for enhanced delivery of active ingredients Antioxidantrich botanicals for skin nourishment Lightweight formulation for easy incorporation into your skincare routine

Mystro Active Balance Serum

SKU: N3061BM5N
    • Apply a small amount of Mystro Active Balance Serum to clean, dry skin.
    • Massage gently over the face and neck using upward motions.
    • For best results, use in the morning and evening as part of your skincare routine.
    • Follow with a moisturizer if additional hydration is needed.
    • Avoid contact with eyes; if contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water.
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