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Lip Shading Treatment
Full Powder Brow Treatment (2)
Combination Brow Treatment
Lash Enhancement Treatment
Combination Brow Treatment (2)
BBL Treatment
Full Powder Brow Treatment
BBL Treatment (2)



Formulated and patented by an Italian Dermatologist in Italy, this no down time 33% TCA chemical peel, specially formulated Hydrogen Peroxide molecule, and Kojic acid, is pressed into the deeper layers of skin.


This treatment delivers visible results in as early as 1 week.

This is a series of 4 treatments done one week a part.

Come in and return to work immediately because, guess what!

This treatment requires MINIMAL downtime.
The turn around on results is 24-48 hours and they'll just keep getting better! 


iS CLinical
skinbetter Science
Perma Blend
elta MD Skincare
Girlz Ink
Alastin Skin
" Kayley is AMAZING! She has Magic Hands! Her facials are heaven. She has every single fun laser machine you could want. She will take decades off your face. It’s so important to find an aesthetician that genuinely wants to help improve your skin and has the knowledge to make it happen. "

Kathie J

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